IQ Gap

Our society has an intelligence gap between the cognitive leaders and followers. It is a consequence of human biodiversity and a cultural meritocracy. The differences are not as obvious as the differences in physical height or strength, but they are just as real.

Hardly anyone dares to comment on the IQ gap because some superficial correlations with race and ethnicity makes many such comments offensive. And yet a major part of American education policy, No Child Left Behind has its main goal to close the gap among schoolchildren.

This site has links to scientific info and scholarly articles about the IQ gap. It does not take any position on continuing controversies, such as nature v nuture, other than a belief that true information can be enlightening.

IQ Reporting

  • NY Times: ‘No Child’ Law Is Not Closing a Racial Gap
  • Slate: Created Equal, by Saletan, Metcalf, NY Times
  • Malcolm Gladwell
  • NY Times story, from the Associated Press, December 18, 2007. "Each day of delay brings us closer to reopening a dangerous intelligence gap that we closed last summer," White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Monday night.
  • Stalking the Wild Taboo: Human differences
  • Psychology wiki on race and intelligence
  • No Child Left Behind Act
  • human biodiversity bibliography

    IQ Blogs

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